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The Mission of the Tumwater Education Association is to be a valuable resource and partner in our members’ personal and professional growth, and in our efforts to improve teaching and learning in Tumwater’s public schools.



Yay!!!!!!   96.3% of TEA Voters Supported Ratification of the Tentative Agreement!


On May 26th, the Tumwater Education Association ratified a tentative agreement with the Tumwater School District.  Approximately 175 TEA members showed up at Thursday to vote,  and with them came another 150 proxy ballots.


Thanks to everybody who came out to the meeting to see and hear about the tentative agreement. Thanks to all who sent in your proxies. Finally, thank you to all who supported this long bargain in so many different ways.


The Tumwater Education Association is stronger than ever. We feel this is one of the best agreements we've signed in a long, long, time.

In Solidarity,


Tim Voie

TEA President


Click on the link to the Tentative Agreement. If you have questions, contact someone who was at the meeting or a building rep.


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